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The Rehab Shop Fraser Valley
7 - 45905 Yale Road Chilliwack, BC
V2P 2M6
T: +1.604.792.2002
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Toll free: 1-800-309-1099

The Rehab Shop Metro Vancouver
1124 Boundary Road, Vancouver, BC
V5B 4K5
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F: +1.604.434.8370
Toll free: 1-800-309-1099


The Rehab Shop has been in business for eighteen (18) years serving both

adult and pediatric clients.


We started out as a small arm of a drugstore, way back in 1990. It all started

when one of the principals began a free prescription delivery service, and then when

customers bought grab bars from the drugstore they could not find anyone to install

them. Armed with a drill, small toolbox, and a smile, we delivered both prescriptions

and personalized service, outfitting grab bars, walkers and bath safety equipment. We

even delivered farm fresh eggs, but that is another story! Our dedication to personal

service caused our clients to ask for and get more equipment and services for them, as

they were tired of waiting for service from Vancouver.


In 1993, we opened a standalone location, as an independent business to serve

our clients locally in Chilliwack. We grew from a three staff crew to fourteen staff today

between two stores.


While serving our clients, a lot of them moved towards Vancouver and asked

us to continue serving them. This led to us opening a small store in Vancouver four

years ago that has led to a bigger store in Burnaby and now a new store being built in



All the Assessment and Repair staff regularly attend both product launches

and product training seminars. In addition we do attend various continuing education

conferences and seating seminars.


The staff attend manufacturer sponsored fitting, repair and maintenance

courses. This is essential to keep up with the advances of new designs.

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